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Unlocking the Blogging Wonderland: A Witty Journey into ClickFunnels 2.0 in 2023

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

Unlocking the Blogging Wonderland: A Witty Journey into ClickFunnels 2.0 in 2023

Hey fellow trailblazers!

Ever wondered how the blogging pros effortlessly transform their ideas into cash-generating blogs? Well, buckle up because today, I'm your guide to the blogging wonderland, where we'll unravel the magic of setting up your blog in the shiny new ClickFunnels 2.0. Yes, we're diving into the nitty-gritty of creating a blog homepage that's as dazzling as your ideas and, fear not, you won't need a Ph.D. in design to pull this off.

Dashboard Dazzle:
So, you've just landed in your ClickFunnels account, and the adventure begins. Click on 'Sites,' then navigate to the 'Blog' tab. In the right top corner, click on the gear icon – your gateway to the mystical world of blog settings. Here, you're like a blog wizard, conjuring the name, path, and style guide for your blog. Oh, and don't forget your SEO magic – Napoleon, your trusty SEO-savvy sidekick, is there to assist. Just tell it about your blog, and voila, an SEO-optimized description is ready for action.

The Canvas of Creation:
Now, on to the canvas where your blog dreams take shape – the funnel Hub editor. Click 'Customize,' and in the left navigation, find the 'Blog Home.' It's like stepping into the wardrobe to Narnia, but for bloggers. Keep the original navigation at the top and mirror it in the footer – a universal charm for consistent aesthetics.

A Dash of Panache:
Let's spice up that blog homepage! Delete the clutter and embrace a blank canvas. Add a subheadline, a headline, maybe another subheadline – let your creativity flow. For instance, my blog, the BBC Blog (Bright Bold Creative), because, well, who says blogs can't have a sense of humor?

Widgets and Whimsy:
Now, let's add a dash of whimsy with a two-column row. On one side, the magic of your blog posts unfolds with the 'Blog Post Collection' element. It's like the magic mirror reflecting your blog's essence. Size things up, adjust the details, and save – because, trust me, nothing's worse than accidentally hitting 'back' and losing your enchanting work.

The Green Wonderland:
On the other side, let's create a widget wonderland. Play with colors, add an image, and let your personality shine in the 'About' section. Keep it short and sweet – like a blog amuse-bouche.

Widgets Rule the Realm:
Now, unleash the widget power! Affiliate links, offerings, promotions – it's your blog, your rules. I'm diving into the rabbit hole of affiliate marketing, tossing in a ClickFunnels logo, and, oh, a button that screams, "Get your free trial!" It's like a virtual carnival, and you're the ringmaster.

The Breadcrumbs Adventure:
Don't forget the breadcrumbs! They're not just for Hansel and Gretel; they're your readers' guide through your magical blog realm. Customize them, let them match your style, and voila, navigating back is as easy as a wizard's spell.

Final Call to Action:
And to crown it all, a final call to action. Maybe it's an invitation to your community, a newsletter sign-up, or a sneak peek into your challenge or webinar. This is your chance to enchant your readers into your world.

The Grand Finale:
Step back, take a deep breath, and there it is – your blog, a captivating wonderland of ideas and offerings. A blog that's not just words on a screen but an experience, a journey, a destination. Bravo, blogger extraordinaire!

What's Next:
But wait, the adventure doesn't end here. The next chapter awaits – setting up your category page. I've left a trail for you right [here](#) and in the enchanted description below. Join me, and let's continue this blogging odyssey together!

Thanks for tuning into this blogging wonderland escapade. Until next time, happy blogging, and may your ideas always sparkle! ✨

The Geeks
Susan, Andrea, Nicole, Dan

Episode Recap:

Discover the secrets to turning your ideas into a cash-generating blog with our step-by-step tutorial on setting up a captivating blog homepage using ClickFunnels 2.0 in 2023. Dive into the wizardry of blog settings, unleash your creativity on the canvas of the funnel Hub editor, and spice up your blog with whimsical widgets and a final call to action. Follow our witty and knowledgeable guide to navigate the blogging wonderland, creating a unique and enchanting experience for your readers. Join us on this odyssey, and let your blog shine in the digital realm. Happy blogging!

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