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Using YouTube To Drive Leads To Your Online Community

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Unleashing the YouTube Magic: Your Guide to Channeling Leads into Your Online Community!

Ready to turn your viewers into devoted community members? Join me, Susan Leonardson, as I sit down with the YouTube extraordinaire, Mark Beal, to spill the beans on how to use the mighty power of YouTube to drive leads straight into your online community.

1. The Wild West of YouTube Traffic

Ever feel like YouTube is a vast, untamed wilderness? Mark and I get it! We're here to help you navigate the Wild West of YouTube traffic. But, wait! Before we dive in, what's this "nurture space" we keep talking about? Picture it as the cozy campfire between the chaos of YouTube and your community haven.

2. Nurture Spaces: Facebook Group vs. Email List with a Dash of Blogging

Wondering where to set up camp? Mark and I suggest two prime locations for your nurture space: a lively Facebook group or a cozy email list with a sprinkle of blogging magic. Choose your spot wisely, as this will be the heart of your community-building journey.

3. Content is King, but Intent-Based Content is the Emperor!

Mark spills the tea on YouTube content strategy: move away from the big names and focus on "intent-based content." Solve problems, build trust, and win the hearts of your audience. Forget the flashy gadgets; your smartphone is your secret weapon.

4. Long-Form Content: The Marathon, Not the Sprint!

Ever heard of the YouTube marathon? Mark recommends creating long-form content (8-10 minutes) packed with value. Skip the fillers and focus on keeping your audience hooked. YouTube loves high retention, and your viewers will appreciate the deep dive into problem-solving.

5. Spring Cleaning for Your YouTube Closet: Unlist or Delete?

Do old videos gather dust? Mark gives us the lowdown on whether to unlist or delete. Pro tip: analyze performance, tweak titles, thumbnails, and descriptions, and let YouTube's algorithm do its thing. It's like cleaning out your closet for a fresh start!

6. The Grand Finale: Call to Action Extravaganza!

Wrapping up our chat with a bang! Learn the art of the call to action. Whether it's inviting viewers to the next video, a Facebook group, or an email list, make it simple and irresistible. Mark shares his tricks for a compelling call to action that keeps viewers coming back for more!

Ready to embark on your YouTube-to-Community journey?

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Remember, it's not just about views; it's about building a community that thrives! 🌟

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Episode Recap:

In this enlightening discussion, we uncover the most effective strategies to not only capture attention on YouTube but to transition viewers into a nurturing space where they can grow into dedicated community members.

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