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Our Funnel BEAT Russell Brunson's Funnel?!

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Unveiling the Funnel Games: A Geek Out Team Adventure!

Hey Funnel Hackers!

Guess what? It's been a week of creativity, competition, and lots of funnel-hacking excitement as ClickFunnels hosted the first-ever "Funnel Games." We, the Geek Out team, dove headfirst into this adventure, and boy, do we have some tales to tell!

The Funnel Games Unveiled:

So, what exactly are these Funnel Games? Well, ClickFunnels threw down the gauntlet, challenging over 80 certified funnel builders to revamp a given funnel. It was a playground of innovation, where participants needed to break away from the norm and craft a funnel that stood out.

In our recent YouTube video, we spilled the beans on the whole experience. From technical glitches to delayed audio (we promise we weren't talking over each other on purpose), we took you behind the scenes of our Funnel Games journey.

Cracking the Code: The Competition Criteria:

The game plan was simple: rebuild the funnel, and make it effective. But hold your horses! Russell Brunson himself threw a curveball, demanding participants to make their designs radically different. It was a test of creativity and strategy.

The golden ticket? Opt-ins! Brooke Jro's funnel emerged as the front-runner, emphasizing the importance of ad congruence. It seems the key to success was aligning the funnel seamlessly with the ads. Consistency is the name of the game!

Geeky Tweaks and Modifications:

Now, let’s talk shop. What did we do to stand out? Holiday vibes, anyone? We infused a festive theme into our design because who doesn't love a bit of holiday cheer? Ribbons on buttons and CSS magic were our secret ingredients for that extra flair.

We also dished out some page modifications, playing with video placements and adding our Geek Out twists. The accordion made an appearance, and we even took a bold step, abandoning the two-column layout for something that just felt right.

The Geek Out Saga: Results and Reflections:

Here's the plot twist: despite being eliminated, we snagged third place. How, you ask? Our sales game was strong, but the congruence between ads and the page was a bit off. Lesson learned, and we're still thrilled about our podium finish.

Looking ahead, we're throwing it out into the universe – Russell, want to test our stuff? We're game! The Funnel Games might be over, but the Geek Out saga continues.

Join the Funnel-Hacking Party:

In the spirit of all things funnel-related, we're gearing up for more adventures. Maybe a sequel to the Funnel Games? Who knows! As we wrap up this chapter, we're diving into another call, but stay tuned. The Geek Out team is always up to something fun.

So, fellow funnel enthusiasts, keep hacking, keep innovating, and let the games continue!

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Episode Recap:

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