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Highlights from Secrets of Success, Membership Site Insights, and More

Friday, November 17, 2023

Geek Out Live: Secrets of Success, Membership Site Magic, and More!

Are you ready to geek out? Strap in for the latest updates from Geek Out Live H, where the geeks are always live and ready to spill the beans on all things geeky and successful. In this edition, we're diving into the thrilling world of the Secrets of Success launch, exploring Membership Site Insights, and teasing some exciting developments on the horizon.

1. SOS Launch Chronicles: The Geeky Affair

The launch of Secrets of Success (SOS) wasn't without its share of geeky hiccups. Picture this: frozen screens, live magic fingers, and jazz hands. But fear not, our geeks overcame the challenges, especially on the affiliate front. The lead Dino company had a 24-hour downtime, causing a stir in the geekdom. But fear not, credits are in play, and even if you clicked on Russell's link and got lost in cyberspace, your credit will find you. Geeky lesson learned: Building a list is the ultimate power move.

2. Membership Site Magic: Credits, QR Codes, and Round Pegs

Hold on to your pocket protectors! Geek Out Live introduced Membership Site Insights that will make your inner geek do the happy dance. Credits, the geeky currency for ongoing habit formation, take center stage. Choose your adventure, spend your credit, and voila! QR codes transport you to a world of knowledge. Plus, Russell is on a quest to make you a round peg in a world of square holes. Identity formation at its geekiest, folks!

3. The Geeky Challenge and Membership Site Tease

Get ready for the geekiest challenge in town! Geek Out Live is gearing up for a hands-on immersion experience. This isn't your average sideways webinar; this is geeky coaching that actually gives a damn. But that's not all; a Membership Site Building Program is lurking on the horizon. Join the waitlist and be the first to know as Geek Out Live takes you on a journey from finding your avatar to unleashing your geeky creativity.

4. The Geek Experiment: Coming Soon to a Facebook Group Near You

Hold on tight, geeks! November brings an experiment that will leave you on the edge of your geeky seats. While details are under wraps, it involves Facebook groups, YouTube channels, and a dash of geeky unpredictability. Get ready to join the experiment and witness the geekiness unfold.

In the world of Geek Out Live, where frozen screens are just a minor inconvenience, and jazz hands rule the day, geeks find their tribe.
Stay tuned for more geeky adventures, live magic, and the unveiling of secrets that will propel you to success in the most geek-tastic way possible!

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Episode Recap:

We've got some significant changes coming to GeekOut and GeekOut Live, and we can't wait to share them with you. Stay tuned for a challenge that's bound to blow your mind! Plus, we'll be discussing the incredible success of the Secrets of Success (SOS) launch, and how our team has been crushing it with graphics and affiliate promotions

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