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The Best Funnels To Get More Clients

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Unlock the Secrets of the Coaching Funnel Galaxy: Your Journey to More Clients Starts Here!

Hey there, fellow knowledge seekers and digital adventurers! Welcome to this cosmic exploration of the best funnels to turbocharge your client acquisition game. In today's video, we're about to embark on a thrilling ride through the ever-expanding universe of coaching offer funnels. Hold on tight as we blast off into the stratosphere of high-ticket sales!

1. The Galactic Overview

Picture this: a vast galaxy of sales funnels, each one like a twinkling star in the night sky. And in this celestial tapestry, coaching is the bright constellation that beckons with the promise of higher revenues. But which pathway should you choose to navigate this cosmic coaching journey?

2. Presentation Funnels: A Cosmic Odyssey

Our first stop on this interstellar voyage brings us to the intriguing world of presentation funnels. Think of them as the "Voyager" of the funnel universe. Here, we encounter the enigmatic Video Sales Letter Funnel. Imagine a tantalizing sales page with a compelling video that seduces prospects into the first purchase, paving the way for the grand coaching offer as an upsell. A bit challenging, but oh, the rewards!

3. Webinar Funnels: A Cosmic Lecture

Next, we plunge into the captivating realm of Webinar Funnels, where time itself warps and stretches like cosmic taffy. Webinars, those engaging multi-dimensional experiences, hold the key. Attendees register, confirm, and immerse themselves in a webinar that can last from an hour to 90 minutes (or more!). It's here that higher conversions await, leading to the final checkout where coaching dreams come true.

4. Product Launch Funnels: Cosmic Teasers

As we continue our cosmic sojourn, we encounter the intriguing Product Launch Funnels, a series of interstellar videos. Prospects return daily to watch the next episode, akin to binge-watching their favorite cosmic series. This repeated contact can lead to higher conversion rates for your coaching offer. It's like the Starship Enterprise on a mission to convert!

5. Application Funnels: The Cosmic Interview

Finally, we reach the heart of the Coaching Funnel Galaxy—the Application Funnel. Here, it's all about getting potential clients onto a call. Imagine a landing page that teases, a bit of pitch, and then an application page where they plead their cosmic case for joining your coaching program. You're the star, and they want to orbit your coaching sun! Scheduling the call right there in the funnel can help them take the cosmic leap.

The Cosmic Conclusion

As we conclude our journey through the Coaching Funnel Galaxy, remember this: while other presentation funnels exist, the Application Funnel is often the mothership of choice for high-ticket coaching offers. It's like the X-wing of coaching funnels—nimble, versatile, and perfect for interstellar success.

In the vastness of the digital cosmos, these funnels are your spaceship, ready to launch you into a world of more clients, higher revenues, and cosmic achievements. So, fellow adventurers, pick your starship wisely and set course for coaching greatness!

Stay tuned for more nerdy and engaging adventures in the world of digital marketing. Until then, may the coaching force be with you! 🚀🌌✨

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Susan breaks down the frameworks of four funnels you could use to sell your coaching offers.

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