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Engage More Members With This Simple Strategy And Boost Your Overall Membership By 60%!

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Unleash Your Membership Engagement: The Geek's Guide to 60% Boost!

Greetings, fellow geeks! Strap on your membership capes because today we're diving into the ultimate formula to skyrocket your engagement inside that fancy membership area of yours. Brace yourselves for the six experience models that will transport your engagement levels to the stratosphere, or as we geeks like to call it, "Boost Mode: Activated!"

But before we delve into the geeky goodness, let me spin you a tale. Once upon a time in 2019, a geek with 18 years of user experience research and design in Silicon Valley emerged from the shadows. Armed with coding wizardry, this mastermind partnered up with ClickFunnels to build epic membership sites. Their collaboration was like Iron Man teaming up with the Incredible Hulk - unstoppable!

Together, they constructed a mind-boggling 30 membership sites for clients ranging from mild-mannered course creators to superhero coaches. The challenge? How to take engagement from its cozy 1% slumber and catapult it to a heroic 60%! Talk about a leap of faith!

As our geek duo faced this formidable challenge, they realized that simply relying on the business model wouldn't cut it. Oh no! They needed an experience-based approach, one that could rival the grandeur of Middle-earth and the complexity of the Matrix. Enter the six experience models!

Imagine sprinting through an obstacle course like The Flash, with bite-sized accomplishments and clear paths. That's the Sprint model - quick and victorious, like a baby taking its first step towards engagement greatness.

Next, we have the Library model, where your membership area transforms into a Netflix-style haven of knowledge. Need a reference? It's there! Finished a sprint? Dive into the library and find the perfect resource to level up your skills.

Ah, the Course model! It's the Gandalf of experience models, taking you on a deep, transformative journey. Mastery awaits as you learn, apply, and conquer challenges, all while shouting, "You shall pass... your final exam!"

But wait, there's more! The Mastermind model, the gathering of like-minded heroes. Imagine a virtual clubhouse where the community thrives, ideas collide, and the exchange of wisdom is as natural as discussing the latest Star Wars theories.

If personal guidance is your jam, the Coaching Program model swoops in to save the day. With a touch of one-on-one interaction and virtual mentoring, you'll feel like you're training under the tutelage of Professor X himself.

Last but not least, the Event model! Picture yourself in a whirlwind of concentrated momentum, like a Super Saiyan charging up for an epic battle. Whether it's a challenge or a webinar, the goal is to captivate hearts, minds, and hopefully... wallets! (We're looking at you, TED Talks!)

Now that you're armed with this geek-tastic knowledge, my fellow adventurers, choose your experience model wisely. Don't mix them up like a botched teleportation spell! Pick the one that aligns with your business and create an immersive membership experience that will make your members say, "Wow, this is more epic than the Battle of Hogwarts!"

But wait, there's more! We've got a secret weapon, a link below that reveals the tools to bring these experience models to life. So, don't be a muggle; click that link, like, and subscribe to unleash your membership engagement like never before.

May the geek force be with you! Stay tuned for more epic adventures from the Geek Out Academy Channel. Until next time!

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Episode Recap:

We'll be diving into the six experience models that can help you increase your engagement inside your membership area by up to 60%! We've spent years researching and designing membership sites, and we've discovered these game-changing strategies that can take normal engagement rates from 1% to a whopping 60%!

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