Michael Hauge

[Project: Kajabi to ClickFunnels]

Michael Hauge

Project 1: Kajabi to ClickFunnels


Geek Out team will provide the following deliverables:

  • Phase 1A: Branding. Use Current Visual Brand Guide. Colors, Fonts, Images, Lines & Shapes, Design Assets
  • Phase 1B: Plan The Customer Journey & System ArchitectureMapping the customer journey and all digital touchpoints for sales funnel and course. Map the customer journey for the funnel system. Map the affiliate journey. Map the data architecture for all CRM functions and automations. Tech stack decisions and set up. System set up and Integration. Education and training on system as we set up. Tech decision support & tech stack clean up. Copy support via templates and tools.
  • Phase 2: Design & Build. Funnel system. Multi-level membership build (can support all current and future offerings/courses). Move all content from Kajabi to ClickFunnels. Build the affiliate system and automations for affiliate support. Video editing lite. Support and programming of Keap for fulfillment and follow up funnel (includes non buyer and buyer sequences). ​​Tech setup and Integration across entire system. Education and training on all systems. ​Iterative review process to green light for launch.
  • Phase 3: Launch. Full support for up to 60 days. Continue support If anything breaks from original build. Tweaks and Iterations based on customer feedback within original scope. Reporting and analysis. ​1 A/B test iteration.


GeekOut Team will provide the above deliverables within the following timetable:

  • Phase 1A: Target project start date range June 2.
  • Phase 1B: Target date range June 2 - June 9.
  • Phase 2: Target date range Jun 7-23. Target ready to go live by July 3 at the latest.
  • Phase 3: 60 Days from the day the funnel and membership launches.

Times may vary based on copy availability and holidays.


Geek Out Team requests the following compensation for the work outlined above:

  • Total Payment: $6000. This will be broken into 3 payments of $2000. This invoice will collect the first payment. Then you will be automatically charged $2000 every 30 days after this invoice for 2 more payments.

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