Polly Benson

[Project: Project 1 - Legiliner Membership Build]

Polly Benson

Project 1: Project 1 - Membership Build


Geek Out team will provide the following deliverables:

  • Phase 1A: Use Current Visual Brand Guide. Colors, Fonts, Images, Lines & Shapes, Design Assets.
  • ​Phase 1B: Plan The Data Flow & System Architecture. Map the customer journey through the membership experience. Identify best funnel strategy. ​System integration plan. Data structure and exchange plan. System set up and Integration. Education and training on system as we set up. ​Loom walkthroughs for full awareness of the system construct. ​Tech decision support & tech stack clean up.
  • ​Phase 2: Design & Build. Build The Legiliner Membership area. Connect to membership related funnels. CRM in CF 2.0 setup and integration. ​Support follow up funnel setup and automation build (copy provided by client). ​Design assets (design and build). ​Tech setup and Integration across entire system. ​Education and training on all systems. ​Iterative review process to green light for launch.

  • ​Phase 3: Launch. Full support for up to 30 days. Continue support If anything breaks from original build. Tweaks and Iterations based on customer feedback within original scope. Reporting and analysis. ​


Geek Out Team will provide the above deliverables within the following timetable:

  • Phase 1A: Target project start date Oct 20. (Prior hands on sessions contributed to project).
  • ​I​Phase 1B: Target date range Oct 20-32
  • Phase 2: Target date range Oct 22-30. Target ready to go live by Oct at the latest.
  • Phase 3: 30 Days from the day the funnel launches.

Times may vary based on copy availability and holidays.


Geek Out Team requests the following compensation for the work outlined above:

  • Total Payment: $3000. This will be broken into 2 payments of $1500. This invoice will collect the first payment. Then you will be automatically charged $1500 every 30 days after this invoice for 1 more payments.

Please enter your information below to proceed with the initial payment of $1500.

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Polly - Project 1 (Membership Build)
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