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Why Join The 20-Day ‘Start With YOU’ Email Course?

At GeekOut, we start with a core question: Who are you? Unlike traditional methods, we believe entrepreneurship is a form of self-expression.

As a solo entrepreneur, you are the brand. Your goal is to connect with prospects by showcasing YOU—your ideas, message, and conversations.

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A comprehensive workbook to accompany the course, filled with exercises to help you extract and clarify your true voice.



Expert Guidance:

Learn from our experience with over 30 clients and the refined process that has brought clarity and success to many.

“Why Should I Do This Course?”

To express your message and articulate the problem you solve for your customers, you must first understand the problem you've always been trying to solve and recognize the life experiences that shaped your approach. This is the essence of our extraction phase.

In our free course, you’ll learn how to find clarity and peace with a marketing message that is rooted in YOU and your expertise, not in marketing techniques.

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